[wplug-plan] Invalid Logo?

Jeremy Dinsel jeremy at gunix.net
Thu Jan 18 15:49:49 EST 2001


I don't think #1 matters; and #2 really should matter, but if people were not
told before the contest, then there isn't anything we can do now -- although
I'd vote down a photoshop entry even if it were the winner. Re the tblug
design discussion of eons ago.


On Thu, 18 Jan 2001 zman at charlie.angst-inc.com wrote:

: Hey,
: 	I was talking to my friend in maine recently about possible design changes for wplug.org and I showed him the logo contest web page.  W/o my knowledge, he created and submitted a logo.  It is number 10 on the submission page.  I'm wondering if we should remove it because:
: 1. He is not a wplug member
: 2. Although, I've helped him install linux and get it working, he made it in photoshop in that other os.
: I like the logo personally, but I wonder if it is invalid.
: Apologies,
: Zach
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