[wplug-plan] Improving WPLUG

Zach Paine zman at angstrom.net
Sun Jan 14 12:37:37 EST 2001

It seems to me that wplug has been gradually losing organization and faltering
in it's goals as a LUG.  I think that the time has come to institute change in
wplug for the better.  I want to open up discussion on how wplug can be

This is what I see lacking:
1. Install-fests need work.  We need to perhaps provide more literature and
make them fun for people who are not installing so they help as well.
2. GUM's need work as well.  We should have more presentations.  I'm not as
concerned about these though
3. The organization needs more structure.  I'm not sure exactly what this
means, but I would like a firm way to make decisions.  ie. something is
proposed and then plan members vote on it via a web interface or sending mail
to a single-purpose account on wplug.org.  My first reaction to the need for
organization is to impose elected officials, but I'm not sure if that is the
answer.  We could have a Chair, Treasurer, and Secretary, but I don't know if
giving titles will make things happen.  I think the organization problem stems
from a lack of enthusiasm towards the group.  We need to make wplug fun again.
I remember my first few installfests, I was always VERY excited to go because
we watched movies, and I met new people.  This has subsided though, and I
don't think that I am alone in this feeling.

How can we improve wplug?  Is structure the answer, or creating a better
environment in which to guide the group?

I hope that we as the plan group can work together to create the system which
works best for wplug whether it be Robert's Rules or anarchy.


Zach Paine
Key available from pgp.ai.mit.edu ID: 87746D3D 
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