[Wplug-web] [wplug-plan] Logo Contest (fwd)

Brian Sammon Brian_Sammon at yardarm.fac.cs.cmu.edu
Mon Jan 8 22:38:48 EST 2001

After talking with David on the phone, I think I got a better explanation 
of his concerns than he may have got across here.

To fully understand his concerns, you have to put yourself in the place of 
a parent or a person with nieces/nephews/grandchildren.   Better yet, such 
a person who has watched a lot of episodes of 20/20 and/or Dateline.  Many 
people are very sensitized to the issue of pedophilia.

The mere mention of these things make some people extremely nervous.  If a parent were to stumble across Jonathan's message on the webpage, he/she might wonder "What if?" and decide it isn't worth the risk allow their kid to go to those meetings.  

As we have a few members who are in high school or junior high school, this is an issue that has some relevance.

A worst case scenario could have some hysterical parent calling CMU and having us banned from campus.  (Not likely, of course)

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