[wplug-members] Draft Minutes for Board Meeting, 8/29/2006

David Ostroske eksortso at gmail.com
Mon Sep 11 22:35:20 EDT 2006

Here are the draft minutes for the last Board meeting, which was
called on August 29th.

Scheduled Board Meeting, August 29th, 2006, 7:00pm
Collaborative Fusion, Inc., 1170 Murray Ave. #302

The meeting was called to order at 7:22 PM.

4 Directors were present at the start of the meeting, and were joined
by the 5th. Attending were:
*Patrick Wagstrom, Treasurer
*Bill Moran, Chair
*Chris Teodorski, Director-At-Large
*David Ostroske, Secretary
*Beth Lynn Eicher, Vice-Chair, (arrived at 8:50 PM)

The Board started reading through the current WPLUG bylaws, section by
section, and made recommendations for changes. The recommended changes
are below.

New sections 3.1 and 3.2 were introduced, and were intended to replace
the old section 3.1:
3.1 Definition
A natural person becomes a Member of WPLUG by completing and signing
an application for membership and paying dues.

3.2 Terms of Membership
The term of membership shall last for one calendar year from the
reception by the WPLUG Board of the payment of dues and application
for membership. Renewal of membership shall be accomplished by filling
out a membership renewal form not more than 91 days (13 weeks) before
the end of the membership term and by paying the membership dues.
Membership renewal shall add an additional year to the member's term
of membership.

The identifying and contact information to be provided on the
application shall be set by the Board of Directors. Dues shall be
approved by the membership.
After debate and amendment, this change was approved unanimously. The
remainder of Article 2 was renumbered to account for the new section

The Board moved ahead to section 4.1:
4.1 Definition
A Board of {ADD: five (5)} Directors shall be elected by the WPLUG
membership to handle the day-to-day affairs of WPLUG. The members of
this Board shall be individually referred to as Directors.
After debate and amendment, this change was approved unanimously.

4.3 Nominations
When an election for Directors is required, the Secretary shall give
the membership at least 28 days' (4 weeks') notification of a
nomination meeting. The announcement shall state when and where the
meeting will be held and how many seats are to be filled.

The number of Directors to be elected shall be as follows:

    * less than 50 Members: 5 Directors
    * 50 to 69 Members: 6 Directors
    * 70 to 89 Members: 7 Directors
    * 90 to 109 Members: 8 Directors
    * 110 or more Members: 9 Directors

In making this determination, all Members shall be counted regardless
of voting status.

Nominations for Directors shall be taken from the floor at the
nomination meeting. Members may nominate themselves, and nominations
do not need to be seconded. Nominees have the right to object and be
removed from the ballot. If there are not enough nominees, then the
Chair must nominate additional Members until there are as many
nominees as seats.
After debate and amendment, this deletion was approved unanimously.

The Board then returned to section 3.3 (the old section 3.2):
{3.2 Voting Rights
During the first 56 days (8 weeks) of membership, Members are not
permitted to vote, be nominated for office, or hold a position on the
After debate and amendment, a roll call vote was called for. The
deletion of the first paragraph of 3.2 was approved by a vote of 3 to
YEA: Bill, Chris, Dave.
NAY: Patrick.

We recessed at 8:50 PM, at which time Beth Lynn appeared. We
reconvened at 9:02 PM.

Dave moved that we post the Board's proposed changes to the wplug-plan
mailing list. After debate, the motion carried.

Work continued on the rest of old section 3.2:
Any Member whose dues are 28 or more days (4 or more weeks) in arrears
shall not be permitted to vote.
After debate, the deletion of the rest of the old section 3.2 was
approved unanimously.

It was moved to strike the old Section 3.3:
{Old 3.3} Lapsed Membership

Any Member whose dues are 182 or more days (26 or more weeks) in
arrears shall be automatically dropped from membership. Members in
arrears but not yet dropped have the automatic right to reinstate a
lapsed membership by paying back dues. The Board shall have the power
to reinstate a former Member dropped for nonpayment and may elect to
waive past dues.
After debate, the deletion of the old section 3.3 was approved unanimously.

Patrick moved to insert the following language as new section 3.3:
3.3 Voting Rights
All Members in good standing shall be allowed to vote.
After debate, the additional section was approved unanimously.

The Board then proceeded, reaching section 5.4:
5.4 Quorum
The quorum for membership meetings shall be the lesser of:
   1. the sum of the prescribed size of the Board plus the square root
of the total {ADD: voting} membership {DELETE: voting and non-voting};
   2. the majority of the total voting membership.
After debate, the change was approved unanimously.

The remainder of the recommended bylaws amendments were postponed
until the next Board meeting.

Patrick will contact Mike O'Connor to discuss Mike's suggested
donation of a wireless router.

Beth reported that Pittsburgh Perl Mongers are presenting the
Pittsburgh Perl Workshop at Carnegie Mellon University's University
Center, and that they would like to recruit WPLUG members to help.
Beth will help them with that.

Beth reported that she has resigned from Carnegie Mellon's School of
Computer Science, and that her last day will be September 5th. She
will compose an announcement to this effect, and it will be posted to
the wplug-announce list.

Chris reported that monkeybot is not appearing in the #wplug IRC
chatroom. He will contact Jonathan Billings about putting a bot in the

Dave will propose language for the September 13th Board meeting on the
subject of member resignations.

We adjourned at 10:04 PM.

David Ostroske <eksortso at gmail.com>

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