[wplug-market] Notice: server migration happening now

Vance Kochenderfer vkochend at nyx.net
Sat Apr 26 17:50:32 EDT 2008

In a few minutes, we will be taking down penguin, the machine
hosting WPLUG's mailing lists, in preparation for moving them to
the new server.

We expect that the actual migration will take a few hours at most.
A follow-up announcement will be sent to the list once migration
is complete.

Please do not attempt to post any messages until the announcement
is made that the lists are back up.

It may take as long as an hour after the switchover for DNS to
catch up to the new settings, so please be patient.  Thank you.

Vance Kochenderfer        |  "Get me out of these ropes and into a
vkochend at nyx.net          |   good belt of Scotch"    -Nick Danger

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