[wplug-market] ibook parts for sale

Beth Lynn bethlynn at wplug.org
Sun Jul 2 13:59:44 EDT 2006


My ibook IMHO is no longer worth my time to repair. I suspect that 
something wrong happened with the power system on the logic board.

I have decided to keep the hard drive, extra ram, airport card. The power 
supply already has a taker.

The rest of my 700mhz 128meg dual-usb 12" ibook is for sale.

This is how it breaks down:
ibook battery model # a1008 $10
cdwr-dvdrom (aka combo drive) $20
12" monitor for G3 style "ice" ibooks $20
ibook ice keyboard: $10
700mhz G3 logic board, screws, tin shielding, 2 fans, heatsink, internal 
frame, and the plastic casing FREE

take any two and save $5 (yup, agreeing to take the logic board etc counts 
as one)
take any three and save $10
take any four for $45 total or take it all for $45 total!

If you have another price in mind, please email me and I'll work with you.

DOA policy...
Since all of this stuff works to the best of my knowledge accept the 
motherboard, I will give you a one week DOA window. I will count on your 
honesty to tell me that it didn't work and I will refund you.

Cash, Paypal, Moneyorder
Postdated checks up to a week _will_ be accepted.

How you get the goods...
If you need to have it shipped, I'll charge you the actual shipping costs 
but I will not offer a drop-off service. You may choose to pick these 
items up at my South Hills home or at my CMU office. Also you may pick it 
up at the installfest on July 8.

If any of this tempts you, please drop me an email.

Beth Lynn

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