[wplug-market] FS: Dual input 21" Sun (Sony) monitor (GDM-5410)

K. Arun karbak at cmu.edu
Wed May 14 16:49:51 EDT 2003

This is a purple/gray flat screen monitor made for Sun by
Sony. Viewable screen area is about 20" diagonally. The picture
produced is extremely sharp and saturated. The monitor has a built-in
13W3 connector, and an external VGA connector - you can connect two
computers to it simultaneously, and switch between the two on the fly,
using a button on the front panel. The 13W3 cable is attached to the
monitor and I'm including a heavy-duty double-shielded co-ax VGA

The detailed spec sheet (and stock photos) for the monitor are
available on the Sun site at :


Briefly, it can do upto 1600x1200 at 75Hz vertical refresh - the HSync
and VSync ranges are 30-121 kHz and 48-160 Hz respectively (not a
fixed frequency monitor). It has a dot pitch of 0.24mm.

Here are a couple of (poor) pictures of the actual monitor (they don't
do either the brightness level, color saturation or the detail level
of the monitor any justice) :


The monitor is functionally in terrific shape - the plastic has a few
scuff marks, but nothing major. 

Price : $230 obo. 

Note that you'll need to pick up the monitor from Shadyside (near
Maryland on Fifth Avenue) - it's heavy, about 70lbs. / 32 kg. 


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