[wplug-market] FS: NeXT Cube

James O'Kane jo2y at midnightlinux.com
Sun Apr 28 21:38:33 EDT 2002

I have a NeXT Cube that I would like to sell. It has seen better days 
however. I'll listen to any offers. I would prefer to sell it to someone 
who will get some use out of it.
Pictures: http://www.jamesokane.com/forsale/next.html

I know someone with a slab that is in better condition and might be 
willing to part with it.


Here is the output from hostinfo:

Mach kernel version:
         NeXT Mach 3.0: Wed Jul 29 19:43:28 PDT 1992; 

Kernel configured for a single processor only.
1 processor is physically available.
Processor type: MC680x0 (68040)
Processor speed: 25 MHz
Processor active: 0
System type: 2
Board revision: 0x0
Primary memory available: 28.00 megabytes.
Default processor set: 33 tasks, 61 threads, 1 processors
Load average: 0.00, Mach factor: 0.99

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