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Darren Garlock dag at sei.cmu.edu
Tue Jul 8 09:58:02 EDT 2008

We need an experienced Linux Systems Administrator to be responsible for the secure configuration, deployment, and operation of open source and COTS-based systems used to support the research and production needs the Software Engineering Institute and the CERT Program.
The individual in this position will work as a member of the CERT Infrastructure Group IT staff in supporting Linux-based services in a
mixed platform IT environment.  The primary responsibility of this position is the administration of systems hosting various information
services in a mixed UNIX/Linux environment. Desirable candidates will have:

*Experience implementing and maintaining production services in UNIX/Linux
*Working knowledge of system administration scripting environments (PERL,  Bourne shell)
*Experience deploying production enterprise services using open-source and commercial software
*History participating in the entire lifecycle (planning, deployment, maintenance) of critical IT services

BS in Computer Science, Information Science, Information Technology with eight years experience; MS in Computer Science, Information Science,
Information Technology with five years experience; or PhD in Computer Science, Information Science, Information Technology with three years

Candidates with a degree in other technical fields (e.g., engineering) and years of relevant experience as described above will be considered
as well.

Candidate must have experience in the deployment and on-going maintenance of  Internet-facing services on Linux and other UNIX-like
systems in a mixed OS environment, a basic understanding of TCP/IP protocols and security, script writing and maintenance skills (e.g.,
Bourne shell, PERL, PHP), and administrative familiarity with relevant technologies (e.g. Kerberos, Sendmail, BIND, LAMP, Postrgres, Majordomo).

Candidate should be capable of maintaining, packaging and deploying source software written in C, C++, Perl, et cetera with little to no
technical oversight. Demonstrable skill at building software from source for medium- to large-scale production deployment in the RPM (RedHat
Package Manger) format is required. Experience with two or more of the following: Java software deployment and maintenance, basic network
protocol troubleshooting (e.g., using Wireshark to solve connectivity issues), security assessment tools (snort, Nessus); email administration
experience especially with open-source mail tools (ClamAV, SpamAssasin, Sendmail, Postfix, Majordomo) and addressing spam, list server, and
delivery issues; admin experience with the LAMP stack of web services; source code repository administration.

Mobility: Some business travel required. Computer hardware installation and configuration required on a regular basis, sometimes involving
transport of heavy objects (typically under 100 lbs.) short distances, use of hand tools, et cetera. Carrying of light objects (< 20 lbs.) for
longer distances (intra-campus; 2-3 city blocks) may also be required.  May have to travel to other campus locations.

Environmental Conditions: Close contact with computer for extended periods; periodic work in a computer machine room environment.

Mental:  Desire to work in an academic environment where peer-review is the norm; ability to interact effectively with others of varying
technical competency: vendors, managers, and other technical research staff; ability to prioritize projects/tasks; self-motivated with a
strong learning capability; ability to coordinate and work effectively with others. Good technical problem-solving skills. Strong information
and project organization skills as well as good oral and written communication skills are required.Temperament to work in support of
database administrators, software developers, and researchers is required to perform well in this role.

Other:  Evening/weekend hours may be required in order to perform service outside of normal operating hours. There is a rotating on-call
component to this position - average call volume is very light, about 2-3 calls/week. Candidate must be able to respond to outage events in
the main facility in Pittsburgh, PA (Oakland) in a reasonable time (e.g. within ~30 minutes).

Candidate must be able to pass a background investigation, be eligible to obtain a United States DOD Secret clearance, and must be a U.S. citizen.

(1) Participates in the evolution and secure operation of multiple production and research services.  Drafts documents to describe the
proper configuration/use of such services from an IT perspective when necessary.

(2) Packages software for use in the IT Infrastructure.

(3) Provides support for user- or project-specific deployments, including system maintenance, troubleshooting, et cetera.

(4) Resolves problems for users that cannot be addressed by help desk or consulting personnel.

(5) Contributes to the overall CERT Infrastructure Group strategy

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