[wplug-internet] [#KDT-295-77649]: Re: SSL Certificate Renewal Notice:www.wplug.org

Pat Barron pat at lectroid.com
Sat Aug 29 17:43:40 EDT 2015

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Hi John,

There is a previous wplug-internet thread on this topic:


The board has not approved any expenditure to renew this certificate (or 
even discussed it yet), but it's OK because this certificate is not in 
production, for anything, at this time.

We should renew it whenever we're ready to actually do anything with it 
(or perhaps, if it's available by that time, get a free certificate from 
the Let's Encrypt project) - it's a domain-validated certificate, so 
issuance (and renewal) is pretty instantaneous.  Are you thinking you'll 
be in a position to need an SSL certificate signed by a "real" CA on the 
server in the next couple of weeks?  I remember you mentioning that you 
wanted to do some work on the membership portal soon...

If you think you'll be in a position to be able to use it before next 
board meeting, I'll go ahead and renew it now, and ask the board to 
ratify the expenditure at the next meeting.  It's only $9.00/year, and 
worst case if the board wants to be difficult and not approve the 
expense, I suppose I can always donate the cost. ;-)

At that point, I'd just need to figure out if Namecheap can use the same 
CSR we sent them last time, or if we have to go through the whole 
process all over again (generating a new private key and CSR).


On 08/28/2015 08:00 AM, John Lewis wrote:
> I would like to get the renew for WPLUG, but I don't believe I have 
> access to the credit card. I can login to the account and check to see 
> what I can do to get the renew done because it has been approved by 
> the board which I am the vice-chair of, but I have to deal with this 
> around 4 PM today, because I have to get to work.
> On 08/28/2015 07:04 AM, Josip Gritsak wrote:
>> Hello John,
>> Thank you for contacting us!
>> Could you please specify what you mean in order for us to assist you 
>> to the best of our ability?
>> Thank you for your understanding, we are looking forward to hearing 
>> from you.
>> ----------------
>> Regards,
>> Josip Gritsak
>> Customer Support
>> For more updates, please visit: http://status.namecheap.com/
>> Ticket Details
>> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
>> Ticket ID: KDT-295-77649
>> Department: SSL Certificates -- Technical Support
>> Type: Issue
>> Status: Awaiting Client Response
>> Priority: High
>> Helpdesk: https://support.namecheap.com/index.php?
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