[wplug-internet] Please stop causing spam to be generated for wplug at wplug.org

Duncan Hutty dhutty at ece.cmu.edu
Mon Jul 25 15:53:28 EDT 2011

I'm not sure whether you are deliberately giving addresses of wplug 
mailing lists and even individuals who you only know through those 
mailing lists to social networking sites or whether those sites are 
disingenuously harvesting such addresses from various of your contact 
lists without your explicit consent.

However, the lists and individuals are receiving spam that appears to be 
as a result of your actions. And this is not new.

This is not within the bounds of our community's expectations of 
behaviour so I have set the moderator bit for your messages to the 
wplug at wplug.org list.

I hope this does not see harsh; it is not intended to be. It is merely 
intended to protect the other users of these lists.

Duncan Hutty
Moderator, wplug at wplug.org

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