[wplug-internet] Final server cleanups

Vance Kochenderfer vkochend at nyx.net
Tue Apr 29 09:57:41 EDT 2008

Michael Semcheski wrote:
> Vance Kochenderfer wrote:
> > As a near term nice-to-have, it would be great if we could get
> > friendlier URLs implemented in the wiki - for example,
> > www.wplug.org/FooBar instead of www.wplug.org/w/index.php/FooBar.
> > This would (I think) have the side effect of making it easier to
> > implement the URLs we want to keep from the old site such as
> > www.wplug.org/lists, www.wplug.org/top, and www.wplug.org/meetings.
> >
> This is something that was working for a time, but it isn't working right
> now.  It wasn't terribly tough to get it working the first time, but now
> that its operational its harder to find time to work on it without causing
> an outage.

Cool, I figured it was possible, but didn't know how difficult it
was.  Note that web access to mailman happens through /mailman and
/pipermail, so Apache probably needs to be set to not process URLs
starting with those through the wiki.

I can't think of any other web services you need to avoid stepping
on, except maybe the planet software if you still plan on
installing that someday.

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