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If Mike could change google calendar functionality, he wouldn't be in
Erie because he'd have a sweet job in Silicon Valley. Since the tool
seems to be working adequately for everyone else I'd suggest updating a
hard or soft copy calendar when the first email goes out. This way you
won't need to rely on the reminder that comes from google the previous

Whatever problems you're having are better addressed with a tactful
message with suggestions for resolution direct to Mike than accusatory
flame emails that copy the whole group. Frankly, I deal with enough
flame emails at work that I have limited patience for them when it comes
to hobbies.

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>Bruce, this was the original invite sent 12/20/07 for the Jan 19th
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>You seem to be the only one not getting these. You can also check
>for info last time I checked too. A reminder is also sent. I would siay
>is a client side issue meaning you aren't doing something. If the rest
of us
>are getting them, I would question what you can do to get them as
opposed to
>blaming John because your not getting them.
>Also to answer the question of how many people showed up, I hope none
>the meeting was canceled due to weather and is rescheduled for 1/26/08.
>On Jan 25, 2008 7:43 PM, Bruce Arkwright Jr. <a-bruiexjr at lycos.com>
>Excuse ME, I received it at 12:00 MIDNIGHT ON FRIDAY, not do not tell
me it was
>24 hours, I have ask several time to have it sent a week in advance for
>EVERYONES benefit, so they can plan to be there. I am so glad you do
not have
>any thing to do an weekends but wait for the less than 24 hours ERIELUG
>notices, if they happen.
>So how many people showed up Saturday Jan 19, Chris?
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>>I think you are being more than a bit unreasonable.
>>He sent out the reminder almost 24 hours in advance and I believe the
>>original meeting notice was sent out quite a bit earlier. It's not
>>responsibility to manage your calendar for you. If you feel attending
>>events is important, please mark them in YOUR calendar.
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