[wplug-erie] ISO moderator for this list

Beth Lynn bethlynn at wplug.org
Wed Oct 17 08:42:48 EDT 2007


This list is in need of a volunteer to be a moderator for this list.

Job requirements: a commitment to read your email regularly and log in to 
the web interface to handle the decision of how held messages should be 
handled. Training on the mailman interface will be provided if needed. 
Time commitment is 10 minutes max weekly.

This list automatically holds messages that are from people who are not 
subscribed to this list, messages with attachments, and messages with too 
many people in the cc line. Turning this off is not an option because you 
would get way too much spam. Spam is no fun.

Any interested parties are encouraged to respond to this post.
Please help.

Beth Lynn Eicher

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