[wplug-erie] Is there any interest in generating revenue for the LUG?

Bill Moran wmoran at potentialtech.com
Tue May 4 11:32:38 EDT 2004

MIS wrote:
> One of my pet projects is to increase technology development within the 
> local area. That being said, is there any interest from the Erie LUG in 
> developing a commercial grade website for a locally base manufacturing 
> company in exchanged for a healthy contribution to the LUG? See the 
> attached requirements.

Off the bat, I wouldn't agree to much based on this document.  It bla-bla-
blas a lot without any specifics.

The only thing I would say based on this document (if my company were
involved) is "yes, we're qualified."

Number 2 is extremely sweeping!  It could be hundreds of hours just for
that alone ... do you have any idea how long it can take to test every
imaginable screen size and browser configuration?  I would want a list of
the "wide variety of client systems" they want to support, otherwise you
could be expected to support everything, back to Netscape 1 on Windows

#8 is pretty broad as well.  Unlimted updates over a period?  That's crazy ...
you're asking to be bent over if you accept that!

Whether or not you can organize the LUG to support such a contract is a
question beyond my ability to answer.  If this is their best attempt at
an RFQ, I would be very careful in responding.  Make sure to set limits
to all the things they imply will be unlimited, or you'll end up WAY
over your head!

It's impossible to provide a quote based on this RFQ in any case ... as
it doesn't say how many pages, doesn't give a quantity for anything.  A
site with only static pages sounds simple, until you find out there's a
seperate page for each product, and it takes up 1000 pages!

I hate to be all negative about this, but I just got out of a contract
where we were supposed to supply unlimited service for a fixed price,
and I know how much that can suck.  If you can nail down some limits
on these things, it may be a good project ... then you just need a
committment from LUG members to participate.

Bill Moran
Potential Technologies

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