[wplug-bsd] overzealous upgrade all the way to CURRENT?

Tom Rhodes trhodes at FreeBSD.org
Fri Mar 11 16:41:40 EST 2005

On Thu, 10 Mar 2005 15:07:43 -0500
"Poyner, Brandon" <bpoyner at ccac.edu> wrote:

> I was just following what he said he had done.  He tried a buildkernel
> and that failed, so he moved on to buildworld.  But unless he did a
> installkernel or installworld I don't see how any part of the installed
> OS would change here.  Something in the story seems to be missing.

Well, it kind of works like this:

buildworld calls several targets, creates a temporary tree in
/usr/obj (overwriteable of course) where configuration files,
libraries, objects and binaries are placed.  This would provide
him an uptodate make(1), config(8), etc. which would allow him
to build a new kernel.  You don't need to install any part of
this to install the new kernel, though it's asking for trouble.

Then, thanks to that wonder sysctl(8) interface, the environment
would be updated while userland would not be.

Though, I could swear he stated he installed a new kernel in
his original story.  Did I just assume it, or was that one too
many emails for the day?  :P

Tom Rhodes

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