[wplug-bsd] More NIC hassle

Tom Rhodes trhodes at FreeBSD.org
Fri Jul 8 20:57:18 EDT 2005

On Fri, 8 Jul 2005 19:12:12 -0400 (EDT)
Brandon Kuczenski <brandon at 301south.net> wrote:

> This is unbelievable.  Same box, running FreeBSD 5.3.  I have another card 
> in now, using the de driver, but NOW the old card -- the one that worked 
> up until now -- is having the same problem: "no route to host" when 
> netstat -rn is fine and ifconfig is fine.  I can't even ping the router -- 
> I get "no route to host" for any address except localhost.
> What the hell is going on?  I know this card works -- I've been using it 
> for hours now.  ALl that changed was that I put in a new card.
> The new card doesn't work either -- dmesg reports "can't read ENET ROM 
> (why=-4)". Though it does seem to identify the card correctly (de0), it 
> doesn't create an interface.
> Here's the dmesg output for the card (copied by hand, since it has no net 
> access):
> Jul  8 18:45:46 cytoplasm kernel: de0: <Digital 21140A Fast Ethernet> Port 
> 0x1080-10ff mem 0xf4008000-0xf400807f irq 10 at device 14.0 on pci0
> Jul  8 18:45:46 cytoplasm kernel: de0: can't read ENET ROM (why=-4) 
> (b8100120000000000000000000000000510003010000c0af69f9001e0000ffff
> Jul  8 18:45:46 cytoplasm kernel: de0: 21140A [10-100Mb/s] pass 2.0
> Jul  8 18:45:46 cytoplasm kernel: de0: address unknown
> I can't understand why this is so hard.  WHAT AM I NOT GETTING???? FreeBSD 
> 5.3 should do all this shit by itself.  Fifteen hours of work to get two 
> NICs working.  ANd both cards have already been shown to work in other 
> systems.
> Can anybody help?

Do you have the devd daemon running from rc.conf?
What is the output from:
# kldstat

Is the bpf device built into the kernel?

Do you have miibus in your kernel file?

Sorry if these questions were already asked but I haven't been
paying attention due to lack of time.  My apologies.

Tom Rhodes

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