[wplug-board] Board meeting on for next Tuesday?

Justin Smith justin at adminix.net
Tue Jul 8 16:32:12 EDT 2014

I don't mind moving the meeting to 7:30 if it would work better for Pat. 

It might be a good idea to meet at Filmmakers if we have any intent of 
holding events here in the future. Remember: after our Blender event, 
my boss offered to let us have pretty much any room in the building. 

That may or may not include our movie theater in the far part of the 
building. I think it might be fun to work with Filmmakers to show some 
sort of movie about open source as a social event! What was that one 
that Pat showed us? It's either something revolution or something 

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> On 7/8/2014 4:11 PM, Joe Prostko wrote:
> > Seems like we just had our meeting, but anyway, the next meeting is
> > scheduled for next Tuesday, which may be good since CentOS 7 is 
> > to deploy on Linode already, and we need to start thinking about the
> > migration.
> > 
> > Do we want the meeting at Filmmakers or IBM Squirrel Hill, or
> > somewhere else?  I assume the 7 PM time is fine.
> I'm neutral on location, though if we want to meet at IBM, I need to
> know ahead of time so I can reserve the room.  (Not that there's a lot
> of competition for it at that time of night, but one never knows....).
> As far as the time, though, I'd really, really like it to be pushed out
> to at least 7:30pm if possible (we had been scheduling for 7:30pm for 
> while, but somehow slipped back to 7pm - or am I just imagining
> that...?).  7:00pm is right on the edge of where I just can't promise to
> be there on time, since technically, I'm supposed to be at my desk at
> work until 7:00pm on most days.
> --Pat.
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