[wplug-board] Another thought on upcoming meeting

Pat Barron pat at lectroid.com
Sun Jan 19 16:00:29 EST 2014

On 01/18/2014 10:04 PM, Justin Smith wrote:
> We don't necessarily have to make our next meeting entirely about 
> automation software. I don't know how you deploy Juju, but with 
> Puppet, it's probably good to set up a dedicated virtual machine for 
> the "puppetmaster" server that directs the Puppet clients. Maybe we 
> could present Juju (or Puppet, one of the two) and virtualization 
> instead of two presentations about automation software.
> I mean, if we're going to do a hands-on event the following month, 
> we'll probably be playing with virtual machines anyway. Right? People 
> aren't going to bring production systems to something like that.

I'll reiterate something I've said before, but FWIW - I don't think we 
should ever book more than one presentation per meeting.  At least, not 
unless we're prepared to be somewhat more disciplined about the time 
allocated to each presentation.  At least at WSCC, we have a fixed 
timeframe that we have the room for, plus our attendees plan their day 
around the advertised timeframe - if we do multiple presentations, we 
need to be careful about making sure we give each presentation a 
specific timeframe, and stick to it.  To do otherwise isn't fair to the 
presenters (particularly to the second presenter scheduled, if the first 
runs long), and it's not great to any attendees who (for example) 
planned their afternoon around the idea of the meeting ending at 4:00pm, 
when it really ends up going until 5:00pm....

I have an existing presentation about virtualization that I've presented 
before, that I can update and adapt for reuse.  But that could be 45 
minutes or so, just by itself.


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