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Stanley C Slomberg scslomberg at hotmail.com
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My work hours are 7 am to 4 pm and home by 4:45 usually. So let me know where board meeting is.

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I'll look over this tomorrow and see what I think. You know me, though: as long as there aren't any egregious privacy violations, I generally don't mind.
I suggest we vote on final approval during our board meeting next Tuesday. Maybe you can include that in your email notice for the meeting, Joe. 
Say, where are we having the board meeting? I guess we should probably decide on that  before sending out a reminder. Don't we all work downtown at this point? Maybe we could meet for dinner after work at a suitable location. I don't mind rearranging my schedule to better coincide with everyone else's "after work."
Justin Smith
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On Monday, January 13, 2014 02:04:24 PM Joseph Prostko wrote:
> On Mon, Jan 13, 2014 at 1:33 PM, Pat Barron <pat at lectroid.com> wrote:
> > The way we have handled similar things in the past is that if there is a
> > Terms Of Service or the like that the organization is required to
> > accept, the Board should discuss and approve this (as this is
> > effectively entering into a contract on behalf of the organization); at
> > that point, the Chair can sign the contract (in the case of an online
> > TOS, "sign" would be "push the 'accept' button"), or can delegate that
> > authority to someone else for a specific instance.
> There is a terms of service, but it was not required to read through
> in order to sign up.  It's basically a matter of linking an account,
> and then the account is created.
> Here is the ToS though: https://www.gittip.com/about/terms/
> > Once established, I don't believe anything further must be done to
> > authorize the Treasurer to add the financial info, as this is part of
> > the routine financial management activities that the Treasurer is
> > already authorized to do.  Though it may be desirable to have a brief
> > discussion among the Board about whether we think that's a good idea or
> > not.
> Yeah, I guess I did jump the gun a bit, so we should certainly discuss
> things.  If we decide not to go through with it, I can just terminate
> the account, which I think is accomplished by unlinking all of your
> accounts you are linked to.  I'm not quite sure yet without actually
> trying it, however.
> - joe
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