[wplug-board] Social meeting this Saturday, 12/13

Vance Kochenderfer vance at happylemur.com
Tue Dec 9 02:54:44 EST 2014

To give some background and history:

Pat already posted this link <http://www.wplug.org/wiki/Mailing_Lists>
which is the best description of WPLUG's mailing lists.  The count of
articles per month is out of date, but other than that it's still an
accurate overview of each list.

Note that appropriate mailing lists and e-mail aliases are also shown
at <http://www.wplug.org/wiki/Committees> for the applicable committees.

*All* of our mailing lists have public archives.  All are also open to
anyone who wishes to subscribe and post, except as noted below for
wplug-announce, wplug-board, and wplug-members.

The wplug-plan list is long-standing (since 2000) and is separate
because some subscribers to the wplug list only want to engage in
technical discussion.  Discussion of event planning should generally
take place here, *not* on the wplug-board list.  All current members of
the Event Committee are subscribed to wplug-plan except Charles Butler -
I just sent him an invitation.  Joe and John are also subscribed.

The wplug-internet list is for discussion of managing the server and
online resources.  All current members of the Technology Committee are
subscribed to wplug-internet except John Lewis - I just sent you an

Only a few designated people (Joe, John, Pat, and I) can post to the
wplug-announce list.  This is intended to be a very low-traffic list
containing event announcements.

Subscription and posting to the wplug-board list is limited to elected
board members.  The archives are public, as with all other lists.  All
board business should be discussed here, except those rare items which
are sensitive and need to be discussed privately.

The wplug-members list is for formal announcements to the membership,
such as business meetings and elections.  Only Joe and I can post to
this list.

The wplug-erie list was run to benefit ErieLUG, which has sadly been
dormant for several years now.  The committee to support ErieLUG was
disbanded, but the mailing list was kept in case someone came along to
get it going again.

The pitt-osm list was set up anticipating a local OpenStreetMap group to
be established.  Unfortunately, the person who was heading this up left
for a job in Europe and it never really got off the ground.

The penguins-care list was set up for the purposes described in
This effort, too, never really took off.

Note that *aliases* are distinct from *lists* - mail to an alias is just
forwarded to the address(es) attached to it, and no archives are
maintained.  These include the officer aliases (chair@, vicechair@,
etc. plus board@ for everyone) and the role aliases (info@, events@,
admin@).  These are mainly provided so outsiders can contact us and have
their messages go to the right people.

I hope this is a useful bit of history.  I'm going to re-start the
conversation about this Saturday's meeting on wplug-plan.  See you

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