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Terence J. Golightly terencejgolightly at gmail.com
Mon Oct 14 21:44:37 EDT 2013

WPLUG Board & Members,

I would like thank Pat Barron for nominating me to run for another year 
of membership on the WPLUG Board.  However, due to family commitments 
and work load,  I will not be able to accept nomination to the Board for 
this year.  So I respectfully withdraw my name for consideration for 
next Month's election.

Moving forward,  I would still like to remain active.  I can think of 
nothing better than serving on a couple of committees.  Namely, the 
Events and Internet Committees.  So if the next board were to consider 
me for service on these committees, I would greatly appreciate it.

With Sincerest Regards,

Terry Golightly
(Current) Treasurer Western Pennsylvania Linux User's Group.

On 10/13/2013 03:25 PM, Pat Barron wrote:
> At yesterday's GUM, I made some brief mention about APCUG, a
> "meta-group" that other user groups I've worked with are part of.
> You can find their web site here:  http://www.apcug.org
> The membership dues are $50/year for an organization to join APCUG.
> There are various membership benefits as described on their web site;
> aside from the "easy path" to participation in the O'Reilly user group
> program, I'm not sure how many of them would be of benefit to us, given
> our specific focus on Linux and open source. But it's worth looking at.
> If WPLUG were to join, we would have to join as an "Associate Member"
> (rather than as a Full Member) because our organization doesn't have
> enough members to qualify for full membership in APCUG (you need at
> least 25 members).  Associate Members have the same benefits as Full
> Members, except that they don't have voting rights in APCUG.
> I haven't dug into whether membership in APCUG would impose any
> additional obligations on member organizations, that is certainly
> something that should be evaluated.
> Given that this would be an expenditure of funds, by my read of the
> bylaws (section 4.2), the membership would have to approve this at a
> GUM.  Therefore, if this is something we think would be a good idea (or
> if the next board thinks it's a good idea...), we should put together a
> summary of the various benefits and advantages and present it to the
> membership at a future GUM.
> --Pat.
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