[wplug-board] One last attempt...

Pat Barron pat at lectroid.com
Tue Dec 17 14:35:53 EST 2013

My presence (or absence, depending on how it turns out) will be a 
game-time decision, so to speak - will depend on what's going on at the 
office, and the weather.  I just don't venture out if it's snowing (or 
has recently snowed, and the snow has not been cleared from my street) 
if at all possible.  Vance has been to my house, so he might be able to 
vouch for the steepness of the hill I live on - I've had a couple of 
close calls in the past with only a tiny bit of snow on the ground, 
particularly when the temp is right around 32 degrees and it gets 
slippery.  One of these days, gonna need to buy studded snow tires for 


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