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   I'm SOOOOO sorry for the delayed response, and for the brevity of
this reply message but I have been absolutely crushed with work and
other volunteer work in my neighborhood:

1) I'm sorry that I couldn't coordinate a board member.  That was a
calculated risk/decision I made; Tom's time is extremely limited and
the commute burden makes that communication prohibitive.

1.2) We discussed no details with the WSCC staff at all.

2) I have a quote request in for :
2.1)  1000' of MC-metal clad dual Cat5E Plenum
2.2)  300' of 3/4" EMT conduit and matching fittings to travel
one-of-four potential conduit paths

3) Do you require a detailed project plan for the cable/conduit
routing, or would something informal be required?

4) What is required to let the WLPUG board coordinate with the WSCC
board to approve the work?
4.1) Credentials of Tom?  Wiring diagrams?  Work permit, etc.?

5) Can we get everything done by _Thursday_ of next week?  That's when
I've been able to coordinate a PTO day for myself, and get Tom to
commit to a job in close proximity to WSCC (Sq Hill -> Point Breeze),
and we can do both that job and the WSCC at that time.

6) Yes I will pay for everything out of pocket.  It is a donation and
no need to reimburse me for anything.

7) ...

The best plan going to to run 3/4" EMT the entire way, but take an
interior path parallel to the natural gas lines and electrical service
that currently services the multiple HVAC units stacked on each floor.

EMT conduit can be terminated into a 4" junction box with a QuickJack
faceplate, both in the 3rd floor office and adjacent to the punch
panel, *OR* a simple plastic bushing and run the cat 5 for punchdown
into panel.

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Recently the board received an email from you regarding your
correspondence with Tom Cimaroli, your former employer.  In that email
you mentioned that you were going to pay for all the materials and his
time out of pocket.  This is wonderful!  However, we did not receive a
definitive declaration from you regarding this offer.   The board
would have welcomed notice regarding how you were going to handle
this.  An idea of what costs you are incurring and if you require
reimbursement or if you intend your out-of-pocket expenses to be a
donation to WPLUG would be greatly appreciated by the board.    As you
know, the board has to vote on any activity done on its behalf or in
WPLUG’s name.

We appreciate your offer of help, the expertise that you bring to this
project, and your passion for WPLUG’s success.  However, the board
would be grateful if you could provide clarification on this matter.
If you could send an email to wplug-board with more details regarding
material and labor, that would be a great help.  The board would like
to have a more detailed account of your contribution/donation so that
you may be recognized appropriately.  Additionally, the board needs to
coordinate with WSCC what entity will be responsible for long term
maintenance of the system.  This is why we wish you had contacted the
board as to the date and time of your tour of WSCC facilities so a
Board member could have been present. That said, we do appreciate your
report of the inspection and your analysis of the situation, however.
In closing, the board is looking forward to bringing this project to a
satisfactory conclusion, and appreciates your help in getting the
project moving again.   By the way congratulations, we the Board have
voted to appoint you Chair of the WSCC Networking Committee in
recognition of your hard work on this project.  Please add the address
wsccnet at wplug.org to your e-mail client as necessary to reflect that
you may receive mail addressed to this committee mailing list.


The WPLUG Board

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