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Michael Loomis amsonia.ciliata at gmail.com
Thu Aug 23 10:12:17 EDT 2012

I was thinking of the cost of putting up a blog. If I understand Pat
correctly we require more support than a blog would and this justifies our
greater expense?

On Wed, Aug 22, 2012 at 10:51 PM, Pat Barron <pat at lectroid.com> wrote:

>  On 8/22/2012 5:48 PM, Michael Loomis wrote:
> I was looking over this--sadly because we had already opted to go with
> Linode. I am wondering if we need all that we getting for. There are some
> pay for what you use services available. Perhaps they would save us money
> in 2013?
> Do you have any particular services in mind?
> Linode is already sort of "pay for what you use", in that we pay for a
> certain amount of storage, bandwidth, etc., on a single server instance
> that runs full-time.  Our server instance has to run full-time because it
> services mailing lists, web server, wiki, etc., so it doesn't really fit
> the typical use cases for "pay for what you use", where you spin up
> additional computing capacity when you need it, pay for it on an hourly
> basis, and release that capacity (and stop paying for it) when you don't -
> we just have our one lonely little server instance that's always online,
> and never have any reason to spin up additional servers.
> One other service I've looked at is Amazon EC2.  For the way we use our
> service, the most economical service offering that most closely matches our
> needs would be a "Small" model reserved EC2 instance running Linux, and
> online 100% of the time.  The pricing for that is almost exactly the same
> as what we pay Linode (to within $0.50/month).  Amazon does have a "Free
> Usage Tier" where they give new customers their first year of service for
> free, but I'm not counting that - I personally don't think that just
> getting one year of usage for free (and then having to pay pretty much the
> same cost going forward as we are paying now) is worth the pain and
> disruption of having to set up a new server using a different distro (in
> that EC2 doesn't offer CentOS) and migrate Mediawiki/MySQL/etc., over to
> the new server....
> Google Compute Engine is very new, and I haven't really looked at it yet.
> Might be something to look at.
> Are there any other particular services you're familiar with?
> --Pat.
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