[wplug-board] saturday's meeting

Patrick Wagstrom pwagstro at andrew.cmu.edu
Mon Oct 15 19:09:10 EDT 2007


This is elections, so we've got some logistics to handle.  First, we've
got NO ONE signed up to run the meeting at this time.  Please consider
volunteering to help out.


Secondly, we need people to bring some food for the meeting.  Mike,
Bill, Vance -- shrug off your bachelor selves and go buy a box of
something and make it.  Beth Lynn, are you bringing your wonderful pasta
stuff again?

Thirdly, are we doing a cake?  Who is in charge?  I can do it if needed,
but it's going to be very difficult as I need to bring lots of stuff for
the MythTV talk and am going to be carless too.

Fourth - Bill, make sure you check the PO box on Friday afternoon.  If
there are ballots we NEED to see them.

Fifth - I can bring ballots to the meeting.

Sixth - If you're running for re-election, get your statements in.
Anyone I don't see a statement from doesn't get a vote from me.

Questions?  Call or email me.


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