[wplug-board] chairs report for 1/13/06 meeting

Patrick Wagstrom pwagstro at andrew.cmu.edu
Fri Jan 12 12:49:31 EST 2007

Folks, here's what's in my report for the upcoming meeting:

* Transition this year has been reasonably smooth, so far.  We're
working okay as a board, and now have a firm schedule set to run things
for the near future.

* All board meetings through October 2007 are scheduled, and dates for
WPLUG events through December 2007 are scheduled.  We may have more
meetings in addition.

* We're trying to push the Wiki as a place to gather information, if you
haven't visited it, see http://wplug.ece.cmu.edu/wiki/

* We create pages for each and every meeting, you should be able to find
a run down of those meetings on the pages.  This also holds true for
board meetings.  

* As a board, we went through a 1,3, and 5 year planning exercise.
We're making good progress toward our goals for 1 year right now, with
the exception of LUGRadio Live USA.  We appreciate feedback on the
goals, which can be found at

* One of our goals was better outreach to the community.  As such, we're
working with other user groups, including the Pittsburgh Coding Dojo,
who will have their "Iteration 0" event at the same time and location as
our next installfest on February 10th.

* Huge thanks to Ted Rodgers for his involvement in getting meetings
scheduled.  We seriously wouldn't be having meetings without Ted's help.

* That being said, Ted and I have been doing much of the lifting for the
program committee.   We're looking for other volunteers to talk on other
topics and to volunteer with scheduling.  I appreciate the ideas, but we
also need people to take action on issues.

* Finally, still looking for ways to improve the outreach and
professionalness of WPLUG.  I'm encouraged to see people discussing
these issues.  It's good to see Greg really trying as PR chair.  I want
to stress, when you talk to people, the WPLUG of Today is not the WPLUG
of the past.  We're much more organized, better managed, and more
professional.  If you meet people, encourage them to come and visit us


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