[wplug-board] Ballot for 2007

Bill Moran wmoran at potentialtech.com
Thu Jan 4 06:28:16 EST 2007

"David Ostroske" <eksortso at gmail.com> wrote:
> Bill, there are some changes that need to be made to your draft.
> The proposed language for Section 3.3 should read as follows (the last
> two sentences were added): "All Members in good standing shall be
> allowed to vote. Voting rights shall commence one week after
> certification of initial membership. This restriction can be waived by
> unanimous consent of Members present at the meeting."


> The Effects section is incomplete. Let me suggest the following:
> "Effects of Adopting the Proposal: New members can vote immediately,
> and lapsed members have no grace period but can renew almost
> immediately. Members can set the dues without a Board recommendation,
> though the Board can still recommend the dues amount. In addition, the
> membership terms are spelled out more clearly."

Yeah, looking at that, I never finished it ... ?

Anyway, I adopted your language, as it reads well.

> On the question line, maybe just call it Question, instead of Question #1.


> The last line of the "How to Vote by Mail" paragraph should read "Your
> ballot must be received by January 12 to be counted." Though like
> Vance said, it's too late for January, so this date should be changed
> to the day before the February meeting. We can afford to be more
> flexible at Board meetings, but since we can't contact all the
> members, we gotta adhere to the timetable.

Done, except that I changed the date to March 10.  I seem to remember
that we felt that having a business meeting at an Installfest was a
bad idea.  If I'm remembering wrong on this, please feel free to correct
me -- it'll be easy enough to fix the dates.

> The mailto: link at the bottom of the page still links to my email
> address! Use "Edit > Hyperlink" in OOo Writer.


> Here's another recommendation: Can you put all of the ballot language
> on the first page, and put the voting instructions on the second page?
> That way, the voters can mail in just the first page if they want to
> vote by mail.

Good idea, done.

> I still have to clean up the membership list, so we can get a voter
> list together. I'll explain why this is taking me so long to do, once
> I get a couple decades free to explain. But right now, it's getting
> late, and I've gotta get some rest.

OK.  I'm finally getting some traction with getting some of this done,
and I hope to be back on track by February.

I've uploaded a revised version to the Wiki, under the same location.
But I've tweaked the sections for January and March so the link
is now under the March meeting.


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