[wplug-board] Comments on the WPLUG survey

Vance Kochenderfer vkochend at nyx.net
Sun Feb 18 23:27:33 EST 2007

Bill Moran wrote:
> I was reluctant to change anything on the Wiki, so here are my
> comments:

Don't be shy, we can always revert.  :)

> *) Would we benefit from having a question 1a: If not a member, why not?

Sounds reasonable, complements the "What is the greatest barrier
to increasing your participation" question pretty well.

> *) I like the idea of having question 5 by category, but I'm not sure
>    what the categories would be.

You can add some as you come up with them.  I was thinking along
the lines of the various services WPLUG offers, such as:
  -Special events
  -Mailing lists
  -IRC channel
though there are other reasonable ways to do the breakdown also.

If you don't add your comments to the wiki, I'll add them whenever
I can get to it.

Overall, I'm more favorably disposed to a relatively open-ended
type of survey that gives plenty of opportunity for free-form
comment rather than a strict "fill-in-the-bubble" approach.  This
shouldn't be too burdensome since we're not going to be getting
thousands of responses.

Patrick is setting up something with PHPsurveyor but I haven't
gotten around to playing with it yet.

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