[wplug-board] Dues info on web

David Ostroske eksortso at gmail.com
Wed Feb 14 12:50:41 EST 2007

(Pardon my top post.)
Looks good to me, Vance. The membership page just has this typo to be fixed:

"You will also *be* eligible to create an online profile."

When people register online, their info goes into the db and appears
on the admin page. Do we have a way to announce to wplug-members-admin
(or to whomever) whenever somebody registers?

On 2/12/07, Vance Kochenderfer <vkochend at nyx.net> wrote:
> I've altered <http://www.wplug.org/membership/> and
> <http://www.wplug.org/membership/dues> to remove the Paypal
> information and make other minor updates.  Let me know if you spot
> anything that needs to be cleaned up.
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