[wplug-board] times for cross-atlantic conference call

Bill Moran wmoran at potentialtech.com
Wed Feb 7 08:43:48 EST 2007

In response to Patrick Wagstrom <pwagstro at andrew.cmu.edu>:
> So there may still be a chance that we're doing LugRadio Live USA and 
> Chris has finally gotten them to talk to us.  We'd like to set up a 
> skype conference call with the guys, however they're 5 hours ahead of 
> us, which means that we'll most likely need to do this call on a weekend 
> because not everyone can do it at work.
> So, can I get your possible availability for the next three weekends 
> from about 9am to 3pm.  For example, here's my availabilities:
> Sat Feb 10 - anytime
> Sun Feb 11 - after noon
> Sat Feb 17 - anytime
> Sun Feb 18 - after noon
> Sat Feb 24 - anytime
> Sun Feb 24 - after noon

I can be available all those times as well.

Bill Moran
Collaborative Fusion Inc.

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