[wplug-board] Changes need *soon!* to the WPLUG Voting, Dues, and Registration pages

David Ostroske eksortso at gmail.com
Fri Sep 29 11:57:00 EDT 2006

Hey Patrick,

On 9/29/06, Patrick Wagstrom <pwagstro at andrew.cmu.edu> wrote:
> I'd be against listing the current board as it's biasing the outcome.

You're probably right. We listed the board last year, but
circumstances are different this year.

So, yes, let's not include the "Current Board of Directors" section.

> > The following charter members must renew their annual dues and supply
> > us with their mailing addresses, in order to be eligible to vote for
> > the October 21 election:

> I renewed my dues before the last meeting wth everyone else.

Yes, I know, and you're good to vote. I wanted to just list all of the
charter members, since they're really the only ones that require
renewals before the election. This list won't change as the election

I have to contact the people who already renewed, as part of
membership database maintenance. There ultimately won't be any
confusion doing this.

Renewing memberships is the next thing I have to do, aside from
sending out the ballots to the members. When I contact the charter
members who haven't renewed yet, I'll inform them that they need to
renew their memberships. I'll do this by email for each charter member
that I haven't already gotten renewals from. I'll ask them to send in
their renewals (and have them fill out a form with registration fields
required) with their ballots, unless they want to do it in person. The
voter list will indicate the need for renewal funds and registration

(The registration info is about as important as the dues. But if we
get dues without a mailing address, I'll give them a pass, and contact
them about it as soon as possible.)

> > Leave space here for this year's candidate statements.
> If we're going to allow statements, this announcement needs to go out
> BEFORE the page is up.  Doing otherwise gives an unfair advantage to
> some in the process.

I agree with you here. But I don't want to delay the updating process.

Let's post the changes to the Voting page now, but leave a notice
under Candidate Statements for a deadline to submit a statement.
Monday's probably too early, with OLF and all. Let's make it Thursday.

So on Thursday, all the statements that we've received to date will be
posted, in order of reception. I'll send another notice to the
membership, informing them that the statements have been posted. If we
get any more statements after Thursday, we'll append them to the
current list, but I won't send another announcement.

I'll send notice to the nominees to submit statements. I'd prefer to
have a neutral address that candidates can submit their statements to.
I know that Mark Dalrymple handled this last year on his own, but he
wasn't on the 2005 ballot.

Is there anyone with access to the web site on Penguin who's not a
nominee? I could use your help!

> Looks great otherwise.  Thanks for your hard work on this issue.

Thanks a million, Patrick. See you in Ohio.

David Ostroske <eksortso at gmail.com>

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