[wplug-board] Changes need *soon!* to the WPLUG Voting, Dues, and Registration pages

Patrick Wagstrom pwagstro at andrew.cmu.edu
Fri Sep 29 10:30:44 EDT 2006

On Fri, 2006-09-29 at 03:17 -0400, David Ostroske wrote:
> Here are the changes to the vote page. If we want to, we could set up
> a parallel "vote2006" and make it identical except for the changes
> below.
> I'm leaving out details that can be found on the ballot. I'll simply
> mention the details that need to be provided.
> Could somebody... Vance, Bill, Mark D., Duncan, anyone... make these
> changes? Either that, or give me access to Penguin so that I can
> change them myself?
> Here are the changes, by section:
> ----
> Change the date, time, and location of the annual meeting.
> Link to the new PDF ballot and the new HTML ballot.
> Replace this entire section (except the header) with this HTML text.
> ---BEGIN
> The rules regarding who may vote are in the <a
> href="/pages/bylaws">bylaws</a> that were approved on September 8,
> 2005 by the Western PA Linux Users Group board.
> <p>
> The current Board of Directors is:
> <ul>
>   <li>Bill Moran, Chair
>   <li>Beth Lynn Eicher, Vice-Chair
>   <li>David Ostroske, Secretary
>   <li>Patrick Wagstrom, Treasurer
>   <li>Chris Teodorski, Director-At-Large
> </ul>

I'd be against listing the current board as it's biasing the outcome.

> Official members of WPLUG who have paid their <a
> href="/membership/dues">annual dues</a> and have <a
> href="/membership/">registered for membership</a> before August 26,
> 2006 may vote in the October 21 election. There are 82 members, and 45
> of them are charter members whose voting rights lapse if they do not
> renew.
> <p>
> The following charter members must renew their annual dues and supply
> us with their mailing addresses, in order to be eligible to vote for
> the October 21 election: Paul Bialozor, Jonathan Billings, Steven
> Boffardi, Ryan Brown, Stephen Carter, Evelyn Chao, Dan Cielecy,
> Michael Conlon, Mark Dalrymple, Brough Davis, Phil Dorsey, Warren
> Dukes, Beth Lynn Eicher, Bill Eicher, Bobbie Eicher, Matthew Engel,
> Richard Farina, Stephen Hancock, Michael Hansell, Matthew Hughes,
> Duncan Hutty, Vance Kochenderfer, John Koczko, Scott Kriebel, Bill
> Lavin, Arnaud Loos, Kolt Loughran, Vicki McPherson, Bob Mente, Bill
> Moran, James Moran, Richard Neese, Michael P. O'Connor, James O'Kane,
> David Ostroske, Max Putas, Ted Rodgers, Brian Sammon, Mark Sikora,
> Greg Simkins, David Smith, Chris Teodorski, John Vukovic, Patrick
> Wagstrom, and Frank Walder.
> ---END

I renewed my dues before the last meeting wth everyone else.

> Leave space here for this year's candidate statements.

If we're going to allow statements, this announcement needs to go out
BEFORE the page is up.  Doing otherwise gives an unfair advantage to
some in the process.

Looks great otherwise.  Thanks for your hard work on this issue.


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