[wplug-board] Meeting tonight, 9/12/2006

David Ostroske eksortso at gmail.com
Tue Sep 12 11:40:53 EDT 2006

I'm not going to put together a formal agenda document right now. If
we have a lot of new business to cover, then bring it up here on the

What remains to be done with the bylaws? Looking over what we have so
far, and considering the conversation over the last several weeks, I
can only come up with two or three things that we would encounter as
we step through the bylaws:

* Frequency of membership meetings. I can't recall if we decided to
keep scheduling monthly business meetings. (We didn't make any formal
decisions.) Vance said that we should keep monthly meetings, because
we wouldn't get as many volunteers if we didn't.

* Lapsed dues. With the changes that we're recommending so far, an
officer who forgets to pay dues would end up dropping out of office
and the Board. That could get sticky. Or not. They oughta know better.
Anyway, how should we handle a lapse of dues?

We should go back to Article 3 and reconsider this point. I think a
slim window (a week, maybe) might work better than the old six-month
period that we have now, and we wouldn't have to mess around with
voting/non-voting classes.

Let me suggest this, which is based on one of Vance's proposals. This
would be appended to the new section 3.2 as a new paragraph.
The Secretary shall notify Members when their anniversary date
arrives, and those whose dues are not paid within seven (7) days after
notice is sent shall be automatically dropped from membership.

* Resignation from Membership. Here is a proposal for resignation from
3.x Resignation from Membership

Any member desiring to resign from WPLUG shall submit resignation in
writing to the Secretary, who shall present it to the Board for

It says "in writing," though email is permissible. We refer to written
requests in sections 4.5 and 5.3, and these suggest that email is a
valid writing medium for our purposes.

We might not need this written into our bylaws, but we have no real
precedent at this time for members who want to resign. If this isn't a
bylaw, it should at least be a policy.

I'll explain this a bit more at the meeting. I don't have much time
right now to give more details.

David Ostroske <eksortso at gmail.com>

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