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Vance Kochenderfer wanted to share this with Bill and me. I think it's
worth hanging on to, so I'm posting it here on the wplug-board list.

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Subject: Re: [wplug-members] WPLUG Membership Meeting on March 11th, 2006
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I happened to be looking at Robert's the other day, and was motivated
to put together this document.  It's the standard Robert's order of
business, adapted to WPLUG's circumstances.  It may be handy to refer
to when running membership meetings where there is no formal agenda

          Order of Business for WPLUG Membership Meetings

[Note: if there is nothing to do for a particular heading, it can simply
be skipped or the Chair can say something like "no special orders" and
move on - there will almost never be anything to do under #4 and #5]

1. Reading and Approval of Minutes (of previous membership meeting)
2. Reports of Officers, Boards, and Standing Committees
   2.1. Officers
        * Secretary's Report (membership totals)
        * Treasurer's Report
        * [Reports from other officers as needed]
   2.2. Boards
        * [Secretary reports anything the Board has proposed for member
          action - if nothing, it may be worthwhile to give a brief
          rundown of Board activity]
   2.3. Standing Committees
        * Internet Committee
        * Program Committee
        * Investigating Committee
        * Newsletter Committee
        * Public Relations Committee [assuming one is established]
3. Reports of Special Committees
   * ErieLUG Revival Committee
4. Special Orders
5. Unfinished Business and General Orders
   5.1. Pending Questions
   5.2. Prior Unfinished Business
   5.3. Prior General Orders
   5.4. Current General Orders
6. New Business
   * [This is the free-for-all where anything new can be taken up]


David Ostroske <eksortso at gmail.com>

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