[wplug-board] Eureka bank account issues

Patrick Wagstrom pwagstro at andrew.cmu.edu
Fri Feb 10 13:50:48 EST 2006


I stopped Eureka bank to try and make a deposit today, only to find out
that our account is seriously messed up.  Basically, I walked in there
and was told that they cannot find our account and that it looks like it
might have been closed, which is a very real possibility.
Unfortunately, I didn't have the documentation of the account with me,
only the checkbook.

Here's a quick summary of the accounts life:

8-Aug-2002 - $80 deposit
21-Aug-2002 - $11.63 for checks printed
15-Nov-2004 - $0.13 deposit from paypal to verify
15-Nov-2004 - $0.22 deposit from paypal to verify

Final amount in account: $68.72

The last statement I have is from October 21, 2005.  It's likely that
our account was closed due to inactivity -- but it still doesn't make
any sense why they allowed us to change the signatories.


If you have documentation or statements from the account laying around

I plan on visiting the bank next Thursday or Friday to either straighten
out our current account or open a new one if the case may be.  Hopefully
I'll be able to find the $68.72 we're missing.  Until this gets cleared
up, we're a cash only organization.


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