[wplug-board] This saturday's GUM and board meeting

David Ostroske eksortso at gmail.com
Mon Nov 28 18:25:07 EST 2005

Hey Everyone,

On 11/28/05, Beth Lynn <bethlynn at wplug.org> wrote:
> Just a reminder...
> The next regular Board meeting will be on December 3rd, 2005 at
> 1:30pm, which coincides with the GUM. The Board will meet after the
> scheduled time for the Membership meeting, around 1pm.

I'll have to check Robert's on this, but if all 5 of us show up early,
I think we could start the Board meeting before the Membership
meeting. It might be preferable, because of the Passing the Penguin

> As an FYI...
> I have a plane to catch that afternoon therefore I can not stay any later
> than 3:30pm.

...and because you have to leave early, Beth.

> Roughly, the agenda items I expect to talk about are as follows:
> * Passing the penguin language.
> (I plan to ceremoniously pass the beanbag penguin to Bill Moran during
> announcements ~11am)

Hang on. It's a special rule of order for the Membership, not for the
Board. Only the Membership can "pass" it. The best we can do is
"recommend" it. That's why I'm wanting us to meet earlier.

> * Creation of a PR committee

Is good.

> * Signing of the bank account signature card. The bank asks that the
> Chair, Vice Chair, and Treasurer sign the card and provide their social
> security numbers. The bank also wants photo copies of our driver's license
> In addition, I plan to bring the check book and the rest of the bank
> statements.

Also good.

> * Discussion of a small fund set aside for meeting refreshments controlled
> by the program committee. The reason why I want to do this is to avoid
> single-point-of-failure issues. It is my prediction that the refreshment
> fund will continue to be mostly self-replenishing. After doing this for a
> couple years I have found that sometimes we lose a small amount of money
> on a meeting (~ $10) but more often we gain a small amount of money
> $10-$25 such that the gains more than make up for the occasional loss. I
> would be in favor of language that caps the refreshment fund at $40 and
> any overage would go back to the general treasury.

Seems like a decent course of action.

We also have some reports to deal with.
* Mike O'Connor expressed interest in serving on the Program
Committee. Shall we agree to that?
* What do we do about Elwin Green? Do we keep his name on the newsletter or not?

> We need to send out a meeting announcement to the -announce list soon.

We should copy that message to -members as well. It should be known to
the membership by now that we can hold official Membership meetings at
the same time as the GUMs, but they haven't received any notification
of the Passing the Penguin language. They'd need a 2/3 vote to pass
it, without prior notice. I hope that sets well with everyone.

I'm a bit confused about who announces what. Beth, as Vice-Chair, do
you send the GUM announcement out, and do I send the Meeting
announcement out? Do meeting announcements fall under "conducting the
general correspondence," or does that duty pertain only to speaking
with outside organizations?

> BTW Does anyone want to host/cohost?

I could cohost.

> Thanks,
> Beth Lynn

David Ostroske <eksortso at gmail.com>

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