[wplug-board] Draft of language to create a PR committee & program

Bill Moran wmoran at potentialtech.com
Wed Nov 23 00:14:06 EST 2005

Hi folks,

Here is a draft to create a PR committee and program.  I suggest we
discuss and revise this online, vote on it at the next board meeting,
and (assuming we agree) announce to the membership that we'd like them
to vote to approve it the next time we can get a membership quorum:

WPLUG PR committee

The Board will appoint the WPLUG PR committee, whose purpose is as follows:
1.To swell the ranks of WPLUG membership.
2.To establish and maintain WPLUG's reputation as a key organization for
  Open Source in western Pennsylvania.
3.To maintain a high level of awareness of WPLUG activities with the general
4.To obtain all possible favorable publicity for WPLUG.
5.To establish and maintain contact with other Open Source organizations
  to coordinate efforts to further the cause of Open Source.

WPLUG PR program

The WPLUG PR program is for the purpose of allowing monetary disbursements
to the WPLUG PR committee for the purpose of furthering that committee's

The PR committee may acquire funds directly from the WPLUG treasurer, without
other approval, subject to the following conditions:
1.Disbursement is contingent on approval of WPLUG's treasurer.  The treasurer
  may deny funds if the situation warrants.
2.The committee may not spend more than $100 in any 30 day period.
3.The committee must present receipts for all monies spent in a timely manner.
4.The committee must return unused funds at the request of the treasurer.

The PR committee may request larger funds by presenting a detailed spending
proposal to the board, who must approve the program prior to fund disbursement.

Under all circumstances, funds disbursed to the PR committee are only authorized
to be spend on activities included in the PR committee's charter.

Bill Moran
Potential Technologies

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