[wplug-board] request for new committee and mailing list

James O'Kane jo2y at midnightlinux.com
Sun Jan 4 22:09:35 EST 2004

On Wed, 17 Dec 2003, Beth Lynn wrote:
> 1. There have been claims from multiple people that they attempted to 
> subscribe to -plan only to have their request rejected. These people
> want to help run meetings and want to volunteer to speak at meetings
> but that's hard to do if they aren't allowed to communicate. (Please
> see attached forward below. This person has pledged to me to donate
> krispy kreme donuts for all meetings that he will attend)

I've never denied a subscription. That same guy has emailed me twice, and 
I still don't understand his problem.

> Since the majority of the board is more interested in the virtual 
> presence aspects of WPLUG (IRC, WWW, mailing list) and less interested 
> in the physical presence aspects (ie meetings), it may be time for 
> change. We need to put the ability to make decisions regarding 
> meetings back into the hands of those who attend meetings and want to 
> do the work.

I'm willing to step down if asked.
> I propose that we have a meetings committee. It would be formed of
> a GUM chair, an installfest chair, a tutorial chair, and a special
> events chair (if needed). Also those who want to help with the 
> logistics of making meetings happen would also be members of this
> committee. Board members and non board members would be welcome to
> participate. We would  need a mailing list for this committee. Those
> who are willing to actually do the work get to have a say but everyone
> else can listen. This is the only way I can think of to allow those
> who want to do the work to actually get stuff done without the fear
> of stepping on the board's toes.

Just let me know when, and what name to use, and I can create mailing 

Did you have to quote his entire quote of the whole digest he quoted?


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