[wplug-board] New home for wplug's webserver

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Thu Jan 16 15:38:12 EST 2003

Well, it's not going to be running an OS that SCS supports, but I bet
that we can still have the operators reboot it, and shut it down during
power outages (it'll be on a UPS).  We can also have it's domain in
SCS's nameservers, but I don't know how we'll handle that.  Also we'll
have to decide how to do backups, Dave mentioned that he had some old
DLT-4000s we just might be able to use.

On Thu, 2003-01-16 at 15:36, James O'Kane wrote:
> Not to impose on the kindness of SCS, but does this include any other 
> benefits of being in the machine room? Like being able to call the 
> operator and asking them to reboot it? (assuming it's not Bill) Or 
> backups?
> Either way it's cool. We just need to know what else we need to buy, etc.
> -james
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