[wplug-board] April Tutorial

James O'Kane jo2y at midnightlinux.com
Fri Feb 28 01:36:55 EST 2003

I'm trying to finalize the details for the Tutorial in April. I'm hoping 
to bring in the author of 'Perl for Systems Administrators' which I've 
mentioned before. 
He would prefer to not do this on a Saturday for personal reasons, so I'm 
targetting April 6th. At the moment he has agreed to do one of this half 
day tutorials, and I need some feedback on which one would go over best 
with our group and with anyone else who might show up.
Since I want to print out sides before hand so people can take notes, 
there might be a small fee associated with this, unless anyone has access 
to a professional printer? I'm going to go check prices tomorrow.
I'm still unsure if we should have signups before hand or not. The room 
seats 70 people, and I would like to have it full. (Nothing is more 
discouraging to a speaker than to show up to an empty room)
The slides from his tutorials are here:
I'm currently thinking of these three in this order:
# PSA = Perl for System Administration, a half day tutorial.
# PSD = Perl Saves the Day, a half day tutorial.
Or some combo of these:
# NPHS = Perl for System Administration: Networking Power Hours, two half 
day tutorials.

He has told me that the first two he knows well, and can be given with
little notice. The last one he has only given once, he feels it needs some
more prep time. Either way, I want to have any feed back by the end of the 
GUM on Saturday. 

Email the list or see me in person.


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