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Beth Lynn bluekanary at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 18 20:32:13 EST 2002


Forgive me if I am going a little of topic but
I don't know if I saw this whole thread since
my mailbox was over it's hard quota from last
Monday to this Sunday.

I think it would be helpful if there was a creation
of a new list.


Most of the support type questions, regardless of
newbie to advanced will be on wplug-help.
I know most of these questions are already on the
general list, however this gets to be too much
traffic for some folks.

The general list caexistl exisit for things like
"Hey I'm going to bring my iPaq to the gum to show
off cuz it's cool"
"The Great Woz to visit CMU!"
"Linucoming 2003 is comming up, anyone going from
"Hi I'm a new to wplug and I just wanted to say hey"
"I saw this AP or slashdot news article and I thought
you guys would get a kick out of it"
You know, stuff of genewestern paest to the westernpa
linux community.

If this would work how I think it would, most the
longer threads that the normally are originated on
the general list would go to -help

Of course this would cause some people to subscribe
to general but not help or vice-versa.
But isn't that the point?

This brings us to the eventual issue of migration.
We could start out just by copying those subscribed
to the general list to the help list. Those who want
to, can unsubscribe themselves from either list.

Above all, we should make it clear to our membership
somehow that they still can be members of wplug
even if they don't care to sort through a meg of

exaggeration (ok, that's an exasteration). Since we 
have defined "membership" as subscription to one or
more wplug lists, we should let our membership know
that -announce only subscription still counts.

Does that make sense?

Input please.

Beth Lynn

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