[wplug-board] mailing lists

James O'Kane jo2y at midnightlinux.com
Mon Nov 18 04:10:52 EST 2002

With the specific gnome2 example, it does make more sense to go to the 
source and ask them, but, and I'm not sure if this applies to this 
example, but you sometimes get RTFM (or RTFS) from developers.

And if you take these recent threads from the main list:

They were both general C relation questions, is there a list out there 
where you can ask why does this code not work without spamming 1000's of 
people with your re-implimentation of ls? :)

I'm not 100% we need another list or not, but I think if we want to the
group to grow, we need to allow it. To clarify, I think several of us have
noticed that at meeting we have the same group of people show up each
time, and that the general linux knowledge level can be low at times. What
keeps the more experienced people away or why don't they stay as they seem
get more experienced? I know in my case, I didn't read mail from the main 
list for a month. I went through and read or deleted 300 messages.

The bigger question I was addressing is what do people want? I guess we 
should ask them or something?

In case anyone is interested, as of 5 minutes ago the size of the list is 
291 people (including duplicates)


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