[wplug-board] board dinner

Beth Lynn bluekanary at yahoo.com
Thu Dec 27 16:36:03 EST 2001


Zach - The Underground is a CMU cafe/restaurant
in the basement of Morewood Towers. James and or
Jonathan should be able to get a wireless connection

We can't meet for dinner there, or anywhere else
on CMU campus since its closed for winter break.
Not even the O is going to be open. I called and
asked the info desk.

So we are still at Eat'N Park, any other suggestions?

Beth Lynn

--- James O'Kane <jo2y at midnightlinux.com> wrote:
> My only counter suggestion would be to have dinner
> at the Underground on 
> CMU campus. That way we can have Gerr join us via
> gphone or IRC or 
> something.
> -james
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