[wplug-announce] reminder: annual meeting tomorrow (Sat Oct 20) -- elections, and MythTV

Patrick Wagstrom pwagstro at andrew.cmu.edu
Fri Oct 19 17:33:18 EDT 2007

If you were going to make it to only one WPLUG meeting this year, it
should be the meeting tomorrow.  We're having our annual meeting
tomorrow, where you can get a good idea about the state of WPLUG, where
we're going, and most importantly, vote for a new board.  It's exciting
because the board will have at least 3 new members next year.  Come help
make WPLUG History.

We'll be meeting on the campus of Carnegie Mellon University in room
1507 of Newell-Simon hall.  For information about the meeting see:


The room is directly accessible from outside.  You can get directions
and information about parking here:


In addition to the meeting, I'll be giving a talk entitled:

MythTV: Ditch the TiVo and Build Your Own Linux-based Media Center

In this talk I'll go over the differences between MythTV and commercial
DVR systems.  Talk about the great features of MythTV, show how you can
record 4 or more programs at once, automatically flag commercials, and
transcode the video to save some extra space.  It's a great example of
the power of open standards and open source.  For those who are
considering the leap to MythTV, I'll provide some helpful advice for
system building from my 4+ years of experience of using MythTV and
occasionally hacking on it.

Finally, we're doing a potluck lunch.  This doesn't mean you need to
bring anything, but if you'd like to bring something to share, please do
so.  We'll have a special cake to celebrate 10 wonderful years of WPLUG too!

Schedule for tomorrow:

9:30am  - Early risers can show up and help setup for the meeting
10:00am - General User Meeting and Election of new WPLUG Board
10:45am - Break
11:00am - MythTV Part 1
Noonish - Lunch
12:30   - MythTV Part 2 (if necessary)
2:00am  - Cleanup

Thanks Everyone!


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