[wplug-announce] wplug's ip address to change 7/10/2007

Beth Lynn bethlynn at wplug.org
Mon Jul 9 20:34:11 EDT 2007

The IP address of wplug.org www.wplug.org, penguin.wplug.org, and 
erie.wplug.org will change to between 4pm and 5pm on Tuesday 
July 10, 2007. The old ip address of may remain cached for a 
day or two after the change.

Here are some questions that I'm sure some of you will ask.

Why is this happening?
Our current co-location host is Carnegie Mellon School of Computer Science.
They have decided to renumber many hosts on their network. 
penguin.wplug.org is just one of those hosts.

What wplug services will be affected?
* All of the mailing lists - wplug, wplug-announce, wplug-plan, 
wplug-erie, wplug-internet, wplug-members wplug-bsd, wplug-market, and 
* the main website www.wplug.org
* email to/from @wplug.org
* monkeybot on irc.freenode.net on #wplug
* The Open Pitt distribution http://www.wplug.org/top

What wplug services will not be affected?
* The meeting this Saturday 
* The wiki at http://wplug.ece.cmu.edu/wiki
* IRC at irc.freenode.net on the #wplug.org
* The Linux Documentation Project mirror ldp.wplug.org
* http://erie.wplug.org will be down but http://www.erielug.org should be 

Hey! Didn't you say that you were moving wplug.org?
There are plans to migrate these services to another provider. 
This is a matter that the internet committee is working on. If you want to 
join the internet committee then sign up for the wplug-internet mailing 

Why don't you set the Time To Live (TTL) really low before the switch?
Our DNS provider is joker.com. Their default TTL is 24 hours. I've 
contacted customer service to see if there is any way to change this. They 
lack support to change the TTL. Yes this bites but we will live. We will 
live. As part of the internet committee I will recommend that we find 
another DNS provider so that this is less of a hassle next time we need 
to make a DNS change. Unfortunately it is too late for this time.

What can I do to limit the interruption?
You can set the ip of for wplug.org, www.wplug.org, and 
penguin.wplug.org in the hosts file of your computer for the time being.

Has wplug.org been hijacked?
No. Everything is under control.

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