[wplug-announce] Installfest Saturday July 8 10am-5pm CMU Newell Simon Atrium

Beth Lynn bethlynn at wplug.org
Thu Jul 6 20:44:20 EDT 2006


Western PA Linux Users Group invites you to an Installfest on this
Saturday July 8, 2006. It will take place in Carnegie Mellon University's
Newell Simon Hall Perlis Atrium on the 3rd floor and will run from 10am
until 5pm. The host will be Beth Lynn Eicher
(bethlynn at wplug.org)

***** New Venue Information *******
Newell Simon Hall Perlis Atrium is accessible from the 3rd floor entrance
of Newell Simon Hall which is level with Forbes Avenue. This is a wide
open cafeteria-style space located just steps from our new meeting room
Newell Simon 3002. We have _not_ confirmed arrangements for the 3rd floor 
entrance of Newell Simon to be unlocked therefore you _may_ have to 
call for someone to let you in. The phone number for this purpose is 
412 268 6704. We'll have signs to indicate if the doors are locked or not 
in the 3rd floor lobby along with the phone number to call with the campus
phone 8-6704.

Please note that on campus demolition projects have significantly effected
parking near Newell Simon Hall. On 7/8 the driveway From Forbes to Frew 
will be completely closed to traffic. Do NOT try to park in front of or 
behind Newell Simon Hall because this driveway will be completely closed 
to non-construction traffic on 7/8. There will be no exceptions!

You will only be able to park in the Morewood Parking lot which is right
across Forbes Avenue. You will be permitted to borrow a cart but you will 
need to come inside Newell Simon Hall to retrieve/return it.

Since the traffic patterns on campus have changed, I encourage all to
check out the map before heading out.

As always, if you need directions on the day of, you may
call us at 412 268 6704 or 86704 on a campus phone.


The WPLUG installfest are free and open to the public. No RSVP
required. All who attend are guests of the hosts of this event, please
cooperate with them at all times. Please use common sense during the WPLUG
event, as you may be asked to leave by the hosts if you abuse the
The full policy can be found on our website...

WPLUG has a large media library containing many distributions of Linux
and BSD. If you would like to make a request for something specific,
please email info at wplug.org

Please visit our Maps and Directions page
Please note that our phone number is currently 412 268 6704
If you've never been here before make sure you print out the

Please show up earlier rather than later to ensure that you can get help.
For example, if you show up much later than 2pm it is likely that you will
not have enough time to install and configure.

Installfest, as well as all WPLUG meetings, are open to the general
public. If you just want to see what Linux is about or you've been
a Linux guru for years, the WPLUG installfest is for you.

For those who don't know, the purpose of an installfest is to
facilitate new installations of Linux as well as troubleshoot, upgrade,
or generally provide help with an existing installations.  If you just
want to just show off your new hardware or some software goodies, that's
cool too. So bring your machine and have some fun!

As well as your machine, you will want to bring your monitor, network
cables, power cables, surge protector, mouse, keyboard, media, etc.
Don't worry, there will be a cart on hand to haul all of your stuff in.

As always, installfests need volunteers to help with the installs and
generally be available for questions.  So even if you don't feel like
bringing your own machine, come and help others out!

Pizza will be served around noon so be sure to bring $5 if you wish
to eat lunch with us.
Don't make me stand up on a chair this time! PEEET-ZA!

Hope to see you there,

Beth Lynn Eicher

Upcoming Events
July 15 Site Visit at Sungard
August 5 General Users Meeting in Newell Simon Hall 3002
August 12 Annual Picnic Snyder Park Whitehall

If you have any questions pertaining to this or other WPLUG event please
contact us at info at wplug.org
Do not reply to the announce list, wplug-announce at wplug.org

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