[wplug-announce] Free Linux Basics Tutorial October 16, 2004

Beth Lynn bethlynn at wplug.org
Tue Oct 12 22:28:34 EDT 2004


Western PA Linux Users Group will be hosting a free Linux Basics Tutorial.
It will be held on this Saturday October 16th 2004 from 10am to 3pm  at
Newell Simon Hall 1507. This meeting is FREE and open to the general
public. Please invite your friends and coworkers so that they can see
what Linux is all about.

Please distribute fliers to promote this tutorial

Please visit our "Maps and Directions" page
Please note that our phone number is currently 412 268 7564
If you've never been here before make sure you print out the directions!

Speaker: Beth Lynn Eicher
Host: Bill Moran
CoHosts: Rob Ball and Brian Sammon

The tutorial will be a brief yet thorough overview of the Linux operating
system. If you would like to get started and you would like a cram course
in the basics, this class is for you. Maybe you just started using Linux
however you feel like you are drowning in a sea of information. Fear not,
we are here to help.

You may bring a computer along, but one is not required. We will be
demonstrating a version of Linux called KNOPPIX with allows you to boot
directly from the cdrom into a fully-functional Linux operating system
without affecting the current contents of your hard drive. You can follow
along with your own system to enhance the experience or just sit back and
watch. If you do choose to bring your system, make sure to bring
everything (monitor, keyboard, mouse, power cords, power strips, etc.).
We do have carts available to help you move your stuff into Newell Simon
Hall 1507. Please be considerate and arrive before 11am with your computer
so that we can get started at 11am sharp.

We encourage all to RSVP, especially if you are bringing your computer.
However, if you did not RSVP, please come anyhow.
Those who RSVP to rsvp at wplug.org will receive a free Knoppix CD.

If you have any questions about the event, special needs, or any topics you 
would like the tutorial to cover, please email rsvp at wplug.org

* Why use Linux
* Choosing a distribution
* Using the command line
* Installing programs - rpms and tars
* Security suggestions
* How not to get into trouble
* Basic desktop usage
* Using Knoppix as a rescue disk or as your main Linux desktop

* Doors will open at 10am to NSH 1507
* Coffee and Doughnut Hour 10am-11am
* Linux Basics tutorial part I 11am-Noon
* Geeks Eating Pizza Noon-ish - 1pm in NSH 1507
($5 is suggested for pizza contribution)
* Linux Basics tutorial part II 1pm-2:30pm
* General Socialization 2:30pm-3pm

See you there!

Beth Lynn

Upcoming Schedule...
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November 13 Installfest
December 4 GUM Docbook

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