[wplug-announce] Installfest This Saturday!

Zach Paine zman at wplug.org
Tue May 8 21:29:41 EDT 2001

WPLUG is pleased to announce that this Saturday, May 12, there will be an
Installfest at Carnegie Mellon University.  It will be held in room 1507 of
Newell-Simon Hall.  See this page for directions:

Come, bring you computer, install and witness the beauty of linux!  If you
are interested in installing, it is generally a good idea to have a
computer with a network card and/or a cdrom drive.

The meeting will run from 10am to 5pm and people are encouraged to bring
money to pay for lunch.  Also, if anyone has any Linux Distribution on CD
lying around, bring them so that others may use them.  Network installs
will also be possible, and if you bring a blank cd you can get a cd made of
any distribution you choose (hehe.. Debian).  

Hope to see you there!

Zach Paine
Key available from pgp.ai.mit.edu ID: 87746D3D 
Fingerprint: B813 EFB8 ECD0 0C34 6F7F  71DD 01E9 17C3 8774 6D3D

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