[wplug-announce] General User Meeting on 09/03/01

Zach Paine zman at wplug.org
Sun Aug 26 22:18:35 EDT 2001

	This coming Saturday, September 3 2001, the Western Pennsylvania Linux Users 
Group will be hosting it's monthly General User Meeting at Carnegie Mellon 
University's Newel-Simon Hall room 1507.  Please come by between 10am and 2pm 
 to hang out with other linux dorks and perhaps learn something new!  

Also, two WPLUGGER's (ones who 'wplug') will be giving talks.

At 11am, James O'Kane will be giving a talk entitled "iptables and the joys 
of packet mangling" in which he will discuss... well... iptables.

Soon after that, Rob Dale will be talking about ipsec:
	IPSec, or Internet Protocol Security, provides point-to-point
	authentication and encryption.  This serves as a a VPN, or
	Virtual Private Network.  The talk will cover installation and
	configuration of FreeS/WAN, an IPSec implementation for Linux, in various
	applications.  This will not be a technical talk on cryptography.

Thankfully our room has access to the outside so it will not be necessary to 
call ahead of time to be let in. 

Maps and directions can be found on the meetings page on wplug's website 

Hope to see you there!
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